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Jun 8, 2008
Cape Cod
I just thought this would make a good searchable topic for anyone looking for cases to carry a lot of their geeky stuff. I have looked everywhere for many years trying to find the perfect bag to carry my electronics and every day stuff. I've bought many and have always "settled on" because I couldn't find "just the right one", until now. The 5.11 -Push

Online wasn't the best way to get a good view and impression of size, weight and construction. I went to my local police/fire supply company and ran into this bag. I was immediately impressed by it. (It takes a lot to impress me). I wasn't 100% sure so I went home and read reviews on their website then dwelled on it overnight. By morning, I had no doubts and returned to the store to purchase it for $68.00. I also purchased a $25.00 insert for it which gives me even more spaces in it.

This bag has pockets and loops for everything. I should mention, I don't carry it around everyday. It sits on the floor of my car. Being black it's not easily seen. I carry everything I use on a daily basis and more in it. (iPhones, iPods, chargers, cables, glasses and other personal items). My iPad will even fit in it should I want to carry it with me. I was originally looking for Messenger Bags but none really "fit" me or my things. This bag not only works, but looks cool as hell. (Oh, there's even room for your 9mm).

Next I'll tell you about a bag I ordered sight unseen. I don't normally do this but I saw this bag online and fell in love with it. The Maxpedition Multipurpose Bag.

I'd say this is the big brother to the 5.11. Though made by a different company it still has the impeccable build and style that the Push has. This is more of a travel bag/messenger bag except it's designed for military/law enforcement/medical personnel. It has so many pockets in it that it's unbelievable. I was impressed with the pictures online, though I wasn't sure about the size and design until it arrived at my office. When I took it out of the box I just went "holy s**t". It's that impressive. I got it in black for the same reason I got the Push in black, so when on the floor of the car it's almost impossible to see.

This bag looks so nice. It's the kind of bag people will go "wow..nice bag" over. It can hold my laptop, iPad, chargers, cables, power strip, emergency tools and even my Bose Soundlink. With all this stuff in, there's still a ton of places to put more stuff. Yet, it's not that big of a bag. I've even read reviews where people have used this as a tactical diaper bag. I should mention that what started me on this search was Sheldon Coopers Messenger bag on the Big Bang Theory. I really wanted that bag. To this point, I don't think it even exists except perhaps as a television prop. This bag would make him jealous.

I did a lot of searching and "homework" before I purchased these bags and I have never seen any as impressive and practical. I hope anyone considering such a purchase will find this review helpful.

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