MacBook Air MBA vs Ultrabooks


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Dec 12, 2012
I realize I'm asking a biased crowd, but I'm hoping to get some input as to the main upside to the MBA.

I'll be starting medical school in August and am in the market for a new laptop. After some research online I've found that the main things I like about the MBA are better battery life, faster boot time, and obviously the speed of flash storage. However, I would likely have to boot Windows and there are other ultrabooks out there with 1080p screens.



Jun 17, 2013
If you are already a Mac user you will love the Air. If you're not, there will be a small learning curve to understand a Mac, but Apple provides lots of info on, and you can also schedule free meetings in the Apple Store to help you learn faster.

Regarding the need to boot Windows, you can run Windows on a Mac in two different ways. You can install Windows OS using an included utility called Bootcamp. It will install the Windows OS into its own hard drive partition. Then, when you boot up your Mac, hold down the Option key and you choose whether to boot MacOS or WindowsOS. So, you either use one or the other. To switch, you reboot the Mac.

The other option is to purchase Parallels or VMWare Fusion, which allows you to install other OS to run as virtual machines at the same time that MacOS is running. That way, you can work with both machines, and even access files between them. Parallels (I own it) even allows you to integrate icons for Windows and Mac apps in the same dock.

Hope this helps.