Member Mugs! Post your pic!


Try hosting the file on a website such as photobucket. You can also edit the picture in photobucket to resize it. That might allow it to work for you.


Just a quick heads up - when you attach a pic (aka upload) to your post, it shows as an attachment. Preview the post and right click ( for windows users) the attachment and open in new window. Copy the URL and insert "image" url into your post and then everyone can see it!


Hayesimus has a great way of getting your pic in thats not an attachment.
im quoting him:

when you are making a post, there is a little paper clip just above the message field(where you enter text) and you click on it. It will then pop up another window. You click browse. Locate your image then double click on it. Then you click the UPLOAD button next to the browsed image. Once its done uploading you click CLOSE WINDOW. then there is ONE more step to insure that your picture is DISPLAYED and not just a link. Click the paper clip again and then go to your pic and click on it. Some text will be inserted into your comment representing your image. Make sure you move your cursor to the end of your text before You do the ONE MORE STEP thing. otherwise you run the risk of having an image inside a word. lol. also when doing more than one image, its a good idea to do the following. When you are done browsing and uploading all of your desired images, and you are doing the ONE MORE STEP thing, make sure you move the cursor after clicking on each image. for some reason when it inserts the text, it highlights parts of it, so if you just keep clicking your next pic, it will mess it all up. just fyi. hope that helps. if not lemme know