Memory and Apps


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Dec 21, 2010
My Configuration: iPhone4, AT&T, 28.5 GB (20 GB free), iOS 5.1.1

A handful of the programs I like are very large (e.g., PDF Reader Pro comes in at 30/40 mb) so I have been choosing smaller, less fun apps. I did this because I noticed that the system seems to upload EVERY app into memory even if I don't open it (e.g., if I double click on the bottom, even after closing an app it will reappear eventually).

1. Is there a way to get it to use memory better, or is it actually using memory just fine and I just don't see it;
2. Is there a reason to go with the smaller vs. bigger app (e.g., 9 mb Calvetica Calender vs. 30 mb miCalendar)?

Thank you


Dec 10, 2009
Clarksburg, WV
If I read your post correctly, sounds like you are talking about overall system memory.

Your likely getting more features in a comparable app if it's taking up that much more space.
It does put a damper on the fun of your device if you are constantly doing creative management due to space limitations.

An app will use RAM when it's actually open and running.
That's when you could notice performance issues. The app switcher is your friend. If you notice phone is running slow, go into it and close apps.
That will free up RAM.
Get "System" from the App Store, it can help u understand what's going on with your memory, and help u manage it:


If you are jailbroken, you can use Springtomize to show which apps in the app switcher are active. You can set it to dim inactive apps so you kill the ones that may be slowing you down:


That's one of the reasons I bought a 64GB device this time. I wanted to minimize having to worry about space.

Maybe consider more memory with your next iPhone...