Minor iPad mini gripe (Passbook)


Jan 30, 2011
So. California
Ok, I got the iPad mini wifi & cellular version because I want to tote it everywhere with me like people do with an iPhone ect..

My main reason for getting the LTE version is because I am seriously thinking about cutting the cell phone. I am already a cable cutter and will more than likely cut the invisible cell phone cord as well.

I saved about $100 a month by cutting cable and can save about $70 a month if I axe cell service. This is easy for me to do because I have always used Google Voice and that is the number people already have and use for me.

Now my minor gripe..

Why no Passbook on the mini? The whole point of the mini, in my opinion, is portability.. It's by no means a deal breaker for me but it would have been nice if it were included.

I do realize there are other options and honestly I really only use Passbook for my Starbucks card (I am a White Chocolate Mocha addict)..

And besides, the Passbook app is 10x prettier than the Starbucks app! :-p