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Jul 16, 2007
What is with all the moved posts? I am not trying to cause trouble but I am not clear why a lot of these posts are being moved. So far this forum has been one of my favorites, but lately the move seems to be in overkill making most of the forums a graveyard.

I understand killing anyone flaming on the forums, but all the moved posts are having a negative effect on the forum as a whole. There maybe only 4 or 5 actual posts on a page.

I would rather have a more open forum experience, but do respect the need for the forum owner to keep the forum clean and free from flames. But I did want to share my opinion that for me it is having a negative impact.


Jun 10, 2006
Long Island, NY
This is due in large part to members posting in the incorrect forums. You are seeing "heavy" mod activity simply because the forum members lashed out last week saying "This place was in need of some serious modding".

I'd hardly say it was a graveyard. Basically, the redirects or moves are organizing the forums. If you look at General Discussion, you'll see a ton of posts that were originally in iPhone. iPhone is for hardware discussion. It's not intended for:
  • Shareholders?
  • My Boss Rules
  • I Love my iPhone, How about you
All perfectly good posts, but they aren't "hardware" related.

The activity/posts have done nothing but go up here at EIP. It's just more organized. If you visit one of the other forum categories, you'll see more discussions than you've ever seen. Same goes for pretty much all the categories save for the iPhone category. That category had become the be all end all category and it became cluttered.

Is it annoying to hit the forum and see 8 of 12 posts moved. Yes, it probably is a bit disconcerting. Do I expect this to continue? No, I'd expect members to think about which forum is the proper forum BEFORE posting.

This site is growing at a rapid pace. We have taken major steps to ensure this continues to be the place for iPhone discussion. Hang in there and I'm sure you'll agree.

BTW, along with the extensive forum guidelines, there will be a "Forum How To Guide" that will illustrate everything from "how to post" to "how to select the appropriate category for your post".

In a few weeks, I'd like for you to visit the iPhone category and see nothing but "hardware" related topics. Select the iPhone software category and see nothing but iPhone software and 3rd party apps discussion. Anything desktop related will fall in line in the Mac or PC categories...and so on.

Think of this as remodeling a kitchen. We might be under construction, but we'll be cooking before long.

Thanks for your understanding.

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