More then 4 apps, how to access?


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Jul 18, 2007
Go ahead, point and laugh.

Last night I download ibrick and modded my phone for the first time. I installed about 8 apps. I can only access 4 though (the ones with icons on my home screen), and I can't even chose which ones show up on my home screen. Is this normal or is there something I can install so I can access all apps I install? I know there are some, but how do I get THAT app to show up on my home screen where I want it?
You need to install the first using ibrickr which will allow you to then install (from your iPhone alone) the Summerboard app which scrolls the entire springboard showing all your apps. There are many more apps available in the

If you have trouble, search the forums, all of this is covered in lots of detail. Good luck!