MSN/Hotmail on iPhone, Here's How


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Jul 9, 2007
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
I just discovered how to read and write hotmail on the iPhone (Not a great discovery like the hackers, but here it is). All you have to do is go to MSN Mobile's Homepage, Select carrier (At&t), Manufacturer (Apple), Phone model (iPhone) then click go. On the next page that comes up click, (Try Now) a box will then pop up asking for your mobile number (enter your number) then click (send). Like magic you get a text message on your iPhone, (click view) open the link in the text message. You are then on MSN Mobile, click on hotmail link, enter your username and password and there is all your hotmail or MSN mail (By the way it looks great in the Safari Browser) (Bookmark the Page on your iPhone) for easy access later. To bad it's not an auto mail download like configuring your phone for MSN or Hotmail. But hey, as long as I can write and receive my MSN/Hotmail, I'm happy..Here is the Link...

P.S. I know all you Apple Fanboys are going to Rip me for this. It was nice of Bill and Microsoft to not exclude Apple or make MSN Mobile Beta non accessible to iPhones. Thank's Bill Gates (We Know you secretly own an iPhone, it's ok. The Phone is HOT!)