multiple duplicate album covers?


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Jul 4, 2007
as i flip through cover flow in iTunes on my cpu, i notice that i have several duplicate album covers for certain artists. why is this and what can i do about it? shouldnt there only be one album cover per album?


Don't know if this is the case in your situation, but I had a simmilar experience, before I did some housecleaning in iTunes.

For example, I noticed that I had two Huey Lewis albums show up, even though I just had one.

One was "Huey Lewis and The News"
The other was Huey Lewis And The News" (Capital A in "And") Made it show up as two different artists.

Went through and made sure that everything was spelled exactly the same on all songs/album names/etc and that fixed it.

Hope that helps some. :)


thank you it does help, but how exactly do you do this?
Here's how I did it.

Highlight all of the songs on the album.

(Click the first song / hold down the shift key and click the last song)

Right click on the highlighted songs and click "Get Info" this will open the "Multiple Song Information" screen.

Then just edit the artist/album/etc. info to what it's supposed to be.

You might get a popup warning about "This will change all selected songs...blah blah blah"

This will change everything that's highlighted and make it all the same.

Do this for all of your music and it will be a lot easier to get things all sorted out. :)