My 1st impressions of iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4s


Jan 30, 2011
So. California
Initial impressions compared to the iPhone 4S

I have the Black 16GB version on AT&T

- It's MUCH lighter.. The 5 feels like a feather!
- It's much faster
- Screen resolution is the same. Not better nor worse
- iOS 6 feels much more polished than iOS 5
- It looks much better IMHO especially the back. It's a gorgeous phone
- LTE is screaming faaaaaaaast
- Not diggin the longer screen. 4" is nice but I wish it was taller and wider
- Camera appears about the same
- Charging port is OK I guess. I like that it goes in either way, I don't like that I will need adapters
- The earphone are a lot better
- Maps is horrible and not very accurate

Thats my initial impressions please post yours as well! :) :)

Napoleon Lopez

Jun 8, 2011
Slidell, Louisiana
I have been playing with my white one for about an hour or two. I think it is noticeably faster. I used to use Androids and iPhones. So i am digging the bigger screen. Takes a bit to get used to. But now i love it! Feels like some of my Androids in the past where i have the big keyboard, text etc. I don't mind the charging port. All i had is a home charger and car charger. So i just need a car charger for it. Camera is not bad, i haven't played enough with it though. There is still that problem with facebook. I thought it was my 4s, but i still cannot get the notifications to have sound. Even on the new iPhone 5. So that has to be a facebook thing. I like that the headphone jack is at the bottom actually. I had to call ATT after i got my phone, and i just slipped in my pocket upside and used the earbuds to talk to ATT. The one thing i was worried is the call quality. Maybe it is my area. But i never had an issue with any other iPhone or droid phone. I could barely hear ppl even on the highest volume. Also walking around the house i would lose service! I would have to walk back to where i was to get that person back on the phone. And there seems to be this tingy sorta sound from the earpiece, as well as the earbuds. Almost like staticky when i talk. I never had that issue here with any other phone. So that has me worried. Cause you know, it is a phone. I do have LTE here, i get about 16 or down, i forgot what my upload speeds were. Speaker is decent. And like i said i love the screen. I will try to play around some more to see how it is going with the new phone.


Nov 28, 2008
I'm loving it, much more than I thought I would.

Coming from an iPhone 4, the iPhone 5 is blazing fast. I've really fell in love with the iPhone again as my iPhone 4 was making me hate the iPhone due to iOS 5 slowing it down.

As for iOS 6, I don't notice much difference. The Facebook integration is nice, but my favourite feature is the sorting of Mail accounts. The reason I always hated an install from new was the fact that I had to play around to get my accounts in the right order. Now I can do so with the manual editing. Huge time saver for me personally.

I can't test LTE yet as my carrier, Rogers, does not have LTE in my city. The carrier has stated we are in line for LTE by the end of the year, so hopefully it's not too much longer that I can give LTE a go.

I haven't tried the new Maps application yet, but Siri is great. It can screw up words sometimes like "party" was put as "RT", but generally Siri is pretty good. It is a little slow though. By slow I mean it takes a lot of commands to say send a text. Should be a little bit of an easier process.

I also haven't tried Passbook yet. I don't have much on my phone that will utilize Passbook, so I doubt I'll use it much.

Overall, I'm just satisfied with the speed of the phone. It's much more smoother a better experience overall.