My iBook Isn't Working - Apple No Help


Jun 28, 2007
So I have an iBook G3, which I know is now ancient, but I have upgraded the RAM and Os over the years to make it the best it can be, and it ran great (did exactly what I needed it to do.

A while back, the display backlight randomly went out on me. The only way to see that it even has power is direct light on the screen (even then, text isn't readable).

I brought it in to the Apple store, then genius said it was a dead coponent on the logic board and the whole board would have to be replaced. I left disappointed.

Weeks later I pull the old iBook out again just to look at it, and it powered on perfectly. I spent the entire night on it and was extremely happy. That night before I went to sleep I closed it. The next morning when I awoke and opened it back up - the entire thing was back to useless like before. After that, I was convinced the necessary component on the Logic Board wasn't dead. But that leaves me wondering, what's next? :(


New Member
Jul 28, 2007
sounds like its the moniter... maybe ebay a new one and try to swap it... OR get yourself a vga cable and hook that thing up to your tv and get a wireless mouse and keyboard... all set... media center pc.... thats if you have a flatscreen or a tv with vga input on it