My iPhone died this morning...


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Aug 19, 2007
Hey guys.:laugh2:

This morning when I start my iPhone the wake button, to the password screen. Then is FREEZE! There's nothing I can do. I tried to hold the sleep/wake button for five second, didn't work. Ten second, didn't work. Okay then, I'll just press until you stupid phone shuts off... I think it's been a least two minute, the screen was still look like this
I let my phone sat there for an hour so. Still...
Then, I think I should restore my iPhone.
So I did, But I did a very stupid thing. During the restoring, I found out I forgot to back up my contacts and calendar, so I polled the plug.
It didn't stop, so I press Ctrl+Alt+Del to close iTune.

This is what it looks like for a least 6 hours.

But I'm glad my iPhone battery was half way This morning.
So I wait until the battery runs out, and see what I can do about it.
Than I restored again... Finally my phone came back!:mad:
But I found something wasn't same. The contacts won't sort by alphabet.
Even I went to setting and set the contacts sort by last, first or first, last.

Before, There will be a letter before different alphabet, I'm just wondering how do I get that back?
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Aug 9, 2007
Thanks, but didn't work, lol.
Maybe I screw it up by unpluging while restore.
my contact list didn't alphabetize until after i had a certain amount of contacts, perhaps you just need more friends. =)

kidding about needing more friends part.:p