My iPhone is now a fire hazard!


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Jul 13, 2007
Roll Tide!
I put on my skin from BestSkinsEver last night. I'm really impressed by the fit. So I pull it out of my pocket this morning and the damn thing is covered in little fuzzy lint! Who knew I even had so much lint in my pockets?! If I get my iPhone near a spark it's liable to go up in flames! :laugh2:

The lint is at all the edges of the skin. Is it collecting all that fuzzy little lint because it's not had time to completely dry, or will it be a fuzz magnet from now on? If so, I think the skin's comin off.


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Jul 2, 2007
I just installed mine too and the edges Ive noticed do that I just installed it last night and haven't turned the phone on but put it in my pocket and got this lint on it too lol I hope this isn't the outcome of this skin I will remove it if thats the case