my new iPad Holder


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Apr 18, 2012
Just shipped to my house recently! (y)
It's the right size and easy to fold. I think it looks pretty when it's folded :)
So far, I've been really happy using it.
Easy to operate too :)
Guys tell me what you think of this AirHolder!
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May 31, 2012
I had been searching for an extendable arm for my iPad3 for few months now. My ipad is housed in a GumDrop Drop Tech case

I purchased the GumDrop because it offers ultimate (kid-proof) protection and, with the built-in screen protector, it is safer from sticky fingers. I can purchase additional snap-in screen protectors if needed AND the iPad is safer in our hands because it grips so nicely. This case is the bomb - fitting like a glove, moulding perfectly around the iPad. And yes my kids have dropped it (once in our driveway onto pavement) and it appears to be as protective as the videos show.

But problem was, with this thicker case, none of the cool-looking arm extenders would work. I study in bed and I wanted the flexibility the extender arms provides. For those who have thicker covers or who might want same thing but have flexibility of also holding any tablet, I ended up purchasing this one