My short lived journey for a replacement :(


Jan 31, 2011
So I'm going to make this as short as possible;
I bought($30)a broken iPhone from this girl that I use to work with because she didn't want to get it paid to get fixed. She took to a Apple store in Nashville to try and get it replaced/fixed and wasn't able to do it because of a crack on the back of the phone. Knowing how easy it was to simply replace the back plate I offered to buy it AFTER she said didn't even like the phone and wanted something different.
*new back plate arrives in mail*
I move back to Alabama, where I'm originally from, and decided to get someone to just replace the back for me for free,which they didn't do because they had to buy 3 different sets of screw drivers because the screw on the bottom were so small($10 more for that). So after all this goes down, I finally set up an appointment so I could get my brand spanking new/refurbished iPhone with all of my smarts...
After strutting in with a big smile
On my face a guy asked if I was here for an appointment, after the initial blah blah.. And told him What the situation was, And this What happened next.

He simply picked up my iPhone, grabbed a key chain LED light he had on he's lanyard strap on his neck and shined it on the proximity sensor above the ear piece and placed it back down.
He then said, "yes, sir we can't help you. You have any aftermarket FACEPLATE on the phone, thus preventing us from replacing it for you."

All I could do was stand that in disbelieve and confused fiery.


Anyone wanna buy a broken iPhone ;)