Need help converting .wav to .aif


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Wazzup everyone. I'm having probs trying to convert a .wav file to .aif file. I am using RiverPast Audio Convertor which is pretty much straight forward and I get the converted file. I change the extension to .caf and drop it in the folder and use Interface and everything works fine "but" when I go to test out new-mail.caf on the iPhone I don't hear anything. I'm thinking that I am not using the correct compressor when I am converting the file over. Are there any other programs that you guys/gals are using that might work better for me? I wound up putting back the original file(which is way too low for me, lol). TIA Everyone!


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Aug 2, 2007
trying using iTunes
.wav to .aiff then rename aiff to caf

iTunes = go to edit click on preferences then advance then click on importing
and choose importing using aiff encoder