Need to use "normal" voicemail rather than Visual Voicemail


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Oct 2, 2007
I have an unlocked iPhone 3GS on iOS 5.0.1, running on a regional carrier (i wireless in Iowa). Everything seemed to be working great until I noticed that I didn't get a voicemail notification when a friend said he called me and left one. I went into the phone app and tapped on Voicemail expecting to call my voicemail. Instead, it showed me the Visual Voicemail screen.

My carrier doesn't offer VV so I want this button to use the "normal" function of calling my voicemail directly. My wife's phone is the same model and jailbroken/unlocked in the same manner yet it uses the regular direct-dial method, not VV.

I used Pwnage and redsn0w to jailbreak, ultrasn0w to unlock, and SAM to activate (a week later, to solve no push notifications). I believe it worked find after using all three tools (I'm not 100%, but I believe I got a "push notification" that I had a voicemail at some point...). Holding down number 1 gets my voicemail, yes, but it doesn't help with notification that I have a voicemail in the first place. My wife's phone is the same model and I used the same methods as mine, however, hers works as expected.

I'm guessing that a restore will work, but the phone is working so well in every other way, I'd hate to go through the hours of work. I was wondering if changing an IPCC file or something similar would solve the problem...