New AT&T Store....AWESOME!


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Jun 21, 2007
Long Island, NY
So this is a great story.

Yesterday I was driving home from my job with my mom. Now my mom has worked out in this area for a while, but I haven't. So we decided to get some take-out really quick and after we did my mom turned out a different street that she hadn't been on.

So we end up in this brand new shopping center, complete with a deli, a party store and a very large, very bright ATT store. I saw it said ATT so I was hoping it would be owned and operated by ATT only.

There were grand opening signs in the windows and stuff. So when I went home, I checked the ATT website and the store was listed, but it had no phone number and wasn't listed as an iPhone carrier.

I just checked again, and now it has a phone number and whatdya know...they are carrying the iPhone.

I thank my moms bad sense of direction and taco bell.

Now ill be able to be at the store before it opens. If I had to drive out to one of the Apple stores I wouldn't be there until 7 or 8.