New iPhone User - A Few Questions



Battery life may be weak because of weather as well.I have heard the people living in cold areas, like the Nordic countries for instance, have problems with their iPhone batteries.


Sep 13, 2010
I know this seems simple and someone already explained how to delete an app but I don't think anyone has shown how to close out the apps running in the background.

If you already know then please disregard.

Press the home button twice. Now at the bottom bar it shows all apps running. Now hold and press the apps at the bottom that you want to close out. It stops them from running in the background. It will not delete them.

Now I know when they are minimized they supposedly take up no extra processes, because Apple uses a different technology than droid for multiprocess but it might help some. I know the process that keeps the list of processes minimized will be smaller with a shorter list but meh whatever.


Jul 26, 2010
I never turn off 3G or Bluetooth because I ran into that problem and solved it. Remember as was stated some Apps are battery HOGS. The main killers are the Apps you kill but they continue to use battery. You need to identify those app or apps. Download the app "Sys Info" then kill all apps now reset home button plus on/off . Once you turn on open Sys Info on the second screen scroll down to processes. You will see a lot of system task running you will also see the name of any running apps. If you see an app that was killed and U know is not running in the background, you can delete if you do not need it or sign out. This should keep you in the BLACK!


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Jan 25, 2011
Jus be sure to always watch the amount of apps you're running in the background. If you double click on your home button, it'll show you what's running. I find myself always running 10-20 apps at the same time - huge battery killer. If you tap and hold on any of those apps, you can turn 'em off.


Dec 1, 2007
Hi everyone. Thanks for all your suggestions. I have used a bit of everything in my experiments with my iPhone. For the last week I have been using the phone down to about 4% then recharging it overnight. It takes 2 days to get down that low.
After a week of doing this and observing the drainage on apps I always use I am happy with all my varied results. I say varied because I see I can get anywhere from 7.5 hrs to approximately 11 hrs of usage if I switch from 3G to wifi when possible.
After doing this I got 5 hrs 30 min of usage with 50% of the battery remaining. I'm very happy with this.

I use apps and play games a lot on my iPhone and this is a true draining experience. So when I get the urge to play games for hours on my Apple device I will use my iPod Touch 4G for the heavy gaming instead of my iPhone 4.

Again thanks so much for all of your help.