New Problem


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Aug 9, 2007
I really hope that this doesn't happen to anyone else. So about 2 days ago I noticed that my clicker wasn't working corectly and I had to wake the phone up before it would work. Then the next day all hell broke lose.

1. Phone does not make click sound while typing.
2. IPod music will not play through the speakers.
3. The Receiver on the phone does not work (can not hear people talking when they call). So I have to use the speaker while talking on the phone.

So after an hour on the phone with Apple last night they told me I'm the second one that has reported this problem and that they are going to report my phone. This means I have to keep my phone because they will be calling me to try things while try to figure out whats wrong. This could take 3 to 5 days. Of course I am not happy about this and ask him what happens if they cant fix it. So I was then informed that I will have to send it in and this will be another 3 to 5 days. He then goes on to tell me that they can send me a loner for $29.99 or something like that if I need to send my phone in. What am I supposed to do until I send it in because the speakers suck so putting my calls on speaker will not be fun.

I guess I will have to live with it and hope they get this fixed and figure out how to correct the problem so it doesn't happen to anyone else.



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Aug 11, 2007
First, make sure everything on your iPhone is backed up. iTunes does most of this, but if you have any text messages, emails, notes, etc that you need copy them all onto your computer to make sure you don't loose anything. If you send your phone to Apple, it will come back restored. Hope it goes well.