Not to beat a dead horse (complaint) but...


Sep 23, 2007
I'm starting to really resent the few drawbacks that my iPad has which are really becoming an annoyance to my enjoyment while using it.

This device has so much potential. From the moment I hit the on button it literally takes 7 seconds to be surfing. No other device I have can match that. The problem is that surfing hits so many jarring potholes that it interrupts the "flow" of enjoyable surfing.

Pothole one: the much lamented and probably never going to be fixed lack of Flash. Jobs and everyone else can explain until the cows come home why I don't want/need Flash but a quick reality check will reveal that a large portion of web developers disagree. The offshoot is that I'm constantly having to fire up the laptop or run in to the desktop if I need/want to see the majority of streaming Internet video or multiple commercial sites. The fact is that Flash is a huge part of current Internet life. May change in the future, but for now screeeeeching halt at least 4-5 times each Internet session

Pothole two: IF I can connect to the Internet. I have a great wireless system in my house. Everything works on it including an Xbox 360, three different laptops, two 2G iPhones, 2 3GS iPhones, and 2 Motorola Droids. Why then am I settling for mediocre Internet connectivity to use my iPad? Unless I'm sitting on my router connectivity is sketchy at best. Please don't tell me about various and sundry fixes. I've tried them all. This is an Apple device not Windows. It's supposed to just work.

New Pothole three: Camera connectivity kit. I understand Apple is loathe to give up access to it's file structure but honestly I have no need to dump every picture I take on my camera into an "all downloaded" album. How hard can it be to allow me to select and name an album while limiting my access to the file structure which could screw up, oh I don't know, my Internet connectivity or my YouTube?

Pothole four: Oh Yeah, YouTube. Performance so abysmal that I've stopped even trying to use it. Doesn't matter what network I'm connected to, YouTube is unwatchable unless I want to wait ten minutes or so for a 30 second clip. The upside is that at least we can still watch Flash video... Oh wait.

Do I love my iPad? Yes. I just bought my wife one too. I'd buy mine all over again. The problem is that for what this device is designed to do, it just falls short frequently. Here's hoping 4.0 fixes a few of the bugs. I don't think I'll ever see Flash.


Sep 10, 2007
Hm. Haven't experienced that YouTube problem myself. Nor the wifi, but I know a lot of people have been dealing with that.

Honestly, I'd expect all of your complaints (apart from flash support) to be addressed in firmware updates.


Sep 7, 2007
Atlanta, GA
I agree with you on the wifi, I do not have the connection problems that you do with the range, but after a while turning off wifi and then back on again to get back online gets old after awhile. If I just place the router on N mode only and have no problems, but none of the other laptops or iPhones will work with the N band only. The only way to fix it was to disable N all together and turn off 40 Mhz and use 20 Mhz only. Which is unacceptable to me, but then I again I really do not have a choice in the matter. Unless I want to go by a new router that has a true dual band setup. Apple has stated that a real fix is coming, but unless they have pushed up the time line that will not be till the Fall when we get 4.0 I am assuming. For some reason I do not see them giving us a minor update of sorts to fix this issue, that is a huge issue for a lot of people that I know.


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Dec 12, 2008
1. Wait for HTML5 or get a Netbook.
2. FW update should fix this. They'll exchange it if you want. Not all of them do this. One guy here was upgraded to a 3G model (for free).
3. Jailbreaking will give you access to the file system.
4. Jailbreak it with Spriit and download the videos to the phone after installing the YourTube plugin. Delete them after you watch them.


Jul 7, 2009
LOL you should probably remove the "Not to" part of the title since you "just did". :)

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Nov 13, 2007
Since I own an iPhone 3gs I've grown with the lack of flash support, besides I was aware of that with the Ipad and I do own a netbook for extra surfing activities, honestly the Ipad covers in a good way most of my web surfing activity. Youtube is not a problem even with 3g using a modem and I can even use Slingbox from 30 feet or more from the wifi router, as others have said maybe future firmware upgrades will help you.


Feb 18, 2010
I would echo all these sentiments but add that many developers are all ready moving towards HTML5. See the recent story about the digital Sports Illustrated being made in HTML5. Also, I read an article today about one of Apple's phone competitors who added Flash, only to see their Internet mobility slowed to a crawl. Flash may still rule for the moment, but it's reign is about to end. Give it 6 months and I expect all these problems to be memories. Now, if I could just print!