Now I want the new Apple 5 too!


Nov 23, 2007
I love my iPhone. Have had them since the first iteration. Look forward to advancements. Its capabilities have literally changed my life and businesss for the better in many ways. But I've never gotten the breathless anticipation of the new ones, spending hours of my life posting excitedly about ordering and waiting, camping in line rather than just wait a couple weeks and just walk in and buy one, or freaking out like the world's ending because mine didn't arrive in the mail today:cry: I look forward to a new one every couple years; in fact I found this forum looking for places to learn how to get the most out of mine. Being an adult with a life and family, I always thought the hyperventilating here was a little, well..... creepy.

Well, that has all changed. Now I get it. One wonderful lady has finally conveyed the essense of the iPhone worship. I can see how she represents the average iPhone fanatic. Now, instead of staying with my year old s Apple4, I need me a Apple5. Enjoy the below interview. She is a great representative of all that is Apples.

John Tierney

May 1, 2011
Very funny. I'm sure she will enjoy her iPhone 5. Not everyone is neurotic about getting the new phone. I've been with my trusty iPhone 4 for 2 years now. I had an upgrade coming, so I got the 5. I come here to get good info and occasionally laugh at the heretics. ;)