On the fence....push me over


Jul 27, 2007
My last phone was worse in call quality (lgVX9800--verizon network), so there are worse phones out there... but I agree that the call quality on the iPhone still could be greatly improved upon. The biggest audio problems I have are reception-based, though.

First of all, as someone who has owned practically every phone out there let me say that the iPhone is the worst!, speaking of the phone only.
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Jul 6, 2007
Dallas, TX
I've been lurking here since before the iPhone released and have been fighting with myself lately on whether or not to spring for an iPhone now that I just got promoted at work and have some extra income.

On the plus side, it would be a 10x improvement over my Razr but there are downsides also like the no flash, no editing docs etc...

I really just want to buy it and get it over with then i hear some report about how it cant do this, or the battery needs to be replaced in a year and i go back to the fence.

I need some convincing. I'd love to hear from those who were in the same position as me.
Did the Razr have flash or doc editing abilities? are you missing them now? if these are your only concerns then you are worrying about nothing. i was a longtime treo user and have had a couple Razrs. I maybe used my Treo for document editing a few times, but really, if i have a computer, why do i need it. As far as battery goes, I have yet to have a phone with the capabilities and features the iPhone has with a battery that lasts as long. I maybe charge it once every 2 days, and that's with plenty of ipod and internet usage. Wi-Fi will definitely drain the battery though so make sure it's off if you are not using it. The battery not being removeable is a non issue really. People saying it will need replacing in a year are greatly exaggerating. The claim is that after 300-400 FULL charge cycles, that means 0-100% battery cycle, the battery will lose some of it's charging ability, in essense maybe only charging to 85% instead of 100% thereforee not lasting as long. All batteries do this over time and I've never had to replace a battery on a phone that i've kept for 1-2 years. Can't say i've ever kept a phone over 2 years.

Get off the fence, buy one. If you don't like it, return it. :cool:


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May 31, 2007
well being young doesn't have anything to do with it. Im only 20, i bought myself an iPhone and my dad one because he really wanted one but couldnt afford it with his normal bills. I also have many toys and 2 vehicles one in which is a show muscle car...Anything can be done, just got to have determination to get it. Im still well off with all my toys..

But anyway, i love mine, my dad loves his. Were the envy at work and in the social community. I cant tell you how many times im walking through chevron or a store and i whip out the iPhone and a lot of people take note and ask questions...

... Your father can't pay his bills and yet you have two cars? What is wrong with this picture? *totally gonna get banned for being such a pessimist.. ;) sorry but I can't stand posts like this*