MacBook Pro One thing i really dislike with Apple.


Nov 9, 2012
Almost every time i turn on my Apple Mac Book i find there is a upgrade waiting, this happens a lot and their upgrade are not downloaded quickly even with my high speed cable connection and then the installing drags on and on sometime 30 minuets+.
And Apple now having you use an Appt. to your phone to get into ones e-mail it drives me nuts all this super great security, and Apple many time wanting to to log in using your Apple ID and password then making you change your password i want to use my systems not keep upgrading and changing my password.
And when you change your password all your other devices iPhone IPads need for you to log in using the new password hey all i want is to use my stuff not get involved in all this Apple demanding stuff.
I don't have this looooong upgrade process with my Windows computers and i can log into my e-mail without being asked to use some stupid security process.

Anyone else running into Apples road block to using their systems?


New Member
Jan 26, 2017
Windows has the 'automatically installing updates in...' pop up so they're far from perfect in that respect either. In general I agree, needing to verify app store downloads (especially when they are FREE) is pointless. I opened the phone 30 seconds ago, what are the chances someone's stolen it and tried to download something in that time? Drives me nuts.