Online Storage to iPad & iPad my Neck!

Do you prefer to get work done on public transport rather then wasting time day-dreaming?

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Dec 1, 2011
Has anyone out there started cracking jokes about storage devices becoming so small they can't actually be seen? Lol. Think about it, they made the USB and we went nuts buying it from the shops for $200 bucks just because it had an mp3 player attached to it and we looked so damn cool! Now it is so small we can't see it (invisible) the term cloud storage or cloud 9 as I like to call it. I mean seriously, can anyone see us passing the invisible stage of storage? But yeh, that's pretty much how I see the whole cloud computing and iPad storage relationship. There is and that have become pretty big in it lately. I'd personally like to see them make the iPad a little bit more "body friendly" though. Tends to hurt my neck when i'm using it......


Aug 2, 2010
Hertfordshire, UK
On the neck issue, I find that if I am using my iPad for any length of time on my lap whilst typing it does give me a neck ache, even using the smart cover to raise the viewing angle. I got myself a Bluetooth keyboard that props the iPad up like a laptop screen for when typing quite a bit, it cost me about £20 off eBay in the UK.

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