Opinions on my battery screen shots


Jun 22, 2007
Orlando, Fl
Still having issues with my battery usuage. Restored 2 times already and set up as a new phone (not from back-ups) Location services off, bluetooth off, notifications off, auto brightness off and the brightness ball mark is at the "g" in the word brightness, no safari web pages running in the back ground. I have quietly sat back and waited and been patient but this battery plainly sucks. I don't any push email accounts and my account is set up for every 30 minutes.
Most of this of my phone usages involves 3G texting, 30 minute fetch emails, some reply emails to friends, no music, no movies, minimal wi-fi, not much calling and some internet over 3G

This is my second 3GS, first one had worst battery issues and I replaced it with this one while i was on vacation using only edge (no chance of 3G or wi-fi where I was), and the same settings in the above paragraph. I'll show those screen shots in my next post.
Please give me your honest opinion, should I return back to Apple once again?
I;ve had many iPhone from their beginning and this is by far the worst. i still have my 3G and have used that as a back up phone (swapped SIM)when my new 3GS has left me stranded and died. i am disgusted.:mad:



New Member
Jul 20, 2007
Just for kicks before u take this phone back...
Plug the phone into the wall charger at like 80% battery. Anything except 100%. Then unplug the A/C from the wall and plug it back in like 50 times. Just try it once or twice, let your phone recharge to 100%, then report what u get after this.