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Aug 11, 2007
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']I am a outlook techician for microsoft, and i found a fix to this issue and wrote a kb article that was never publish, due to the problem being with the iTunes software, follow these steps and you should be alright[/font]

[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']ol2003\Addin iTunes for outlook wont stay checked or enabled[/font]

[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Trying to sync with an iPhone[/font]
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Unable to sync properly[/font]
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']The Outlook addin 'iTunes' will not stay enabled.[/font]
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']To fix this issue you will need to remove iTunes from Programs and Features if Vista, Or Add and remove Programs (For XP) [/font]
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']after which Go to Outlook and then the Com Addins, and Removed the listed iTunes there.[/font]
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Follow by renaming the iTunes Folder under Program Files, and Backup and Deleting the Reg keys[/font]
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']HKey_Current_User > Software > Apple Inc.[/font]
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']HKey_Local_Machine > Software > Apple Inc.[/font]

[FONT='Arial','sans-serif'] After that reinstall the iTunes from there website, and go to the Com Addin's and try rechecking the Box, and restarting Outlook. This should allow the customer to Sync to his iPhone.[/font]

The information in this article applies to:
·[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Microsoft Outlook 2000 [/font]
·[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Microsoft Outlook 2002 [/font]
·[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 [/font]
·[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager [/font]
·[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Microsoft Office Outlook 2007[/font]