Password forgotten, only option to update and restore?


Sep 13, 2010
My 5 year old son decided to mess around with the password settings. He set the password and forgot two minutes later what it is. Has no idea.

It's on 5.01 with an untethered JB.

I tried to restore to the previous backup but it still had the password on it.

So now I gotta restore to factory but the problem is it's going to make me update and restore so it'll be 5.1. I don't really want to go untethered because his battery dies all the time and blabla bla, pain in the butt, plus I'll need to spend some time researching how to do the JB. Green poison was so easy.

Is there any trick or tool to restore to factory and stay on 5.01 instead?

Thanks for your input in this regard.


Jul 8, 2010
New Port Richey, FL
One thing you left out of your post is what kind of iPhone you have...that makes a little bit of difference here.

I'm assuming that it's a 4S, as you mentioned using greenpois0n (I'm guessing Absinthe), and that's only for A5 devices.

If so, I'm afraid you have no choice but to upgrade to 5.1 and lose the fact, if you indeed have a 4S, there is no current jailbreak for 5.1, tethered or not. The only 5.1 jailbreak is for A4 devices and older (redsn0w), and yes, it's tethered.

If you have an iPhone 4 or older, you can upgrade to 5.1 and JB tethered, or if you have SHSH blobs saved for anything from 1OS 4.3.3 or earlier, use a tool such as TinyUmbrella to downgrade back to iOS4 and jailbreak there.

4S owners have to be really, really careful now because of the SHSH situation in iOS5. I'm staying on 5.0.1 and not even installing any new tweaks that could possibly cause me to have to restore to 5.1 in order to preserve my JB.

Damn Apple SHSH randomization.