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Sep 27, 2009
Once again, the rare times I post is to tell of my succession in accomplishing something, usually as a result of reading these wonderful forums.

If I get anything wrong .. I apologise ... If I do a Forum Faux Pas .. I apologise ... just like to tell people what worked for me :eek:k:eek:k

Objective :- Copy a few of my Purchased DVD's to my 3gen 32GB I Touch
Programs :- DvdFab Decrypter (Free) and Handbrake
System :- Single Core AMD 2.41 GHz, 2GB Mem, 9800Gtx+
Theory :- Stage.1. Put DVD in Computer and Copy to HardDrive
creating and ISO File.
Stage.2. Fire up Handbrake and convert ISO file into a
format I can drag into iTunes.

Stage 1.
k so why did I choose DVDFAB ? well a few of the other programs in here had problems reading the CLI file. Kept on coming up Pirate copyright cant read bullcrap ... and it's an original DVD ... soo ... just googled and found a prog that worked .... in the end ... ANY Ripper will probably do as long as you can do the stage 1 which is getting your DVD movie converted to an ISO file onto your PC.
I liked DVDFab cos I'm stooopid and all I had to do is put my DVD in .... it read the info (as the SOURCE) ... I clicked on the TARGET and picked a place on my Hard Drive .. then clicked START ! ( Now that's my kind of program. ) Now there's other options in there ... but I believe the Decoder DooooDah as always free ... so the default setting is disk to disk and the first part of that is creating an ISO Image file on your PC which is all you want to do .... HANDBRAKE ... is gonna take that ISO file and convert it for iTunes.

Stage 2.
Supa Dupa ... so now after an hour(ish) on my Dinosaur, I have an ISO file. I did 3 movies to test it .... Blade (Widescreen) Armageddon (Widescreen) and Matrix (Normal).
All standard settings in the Ripping part, all took about an hour.

Handbrake ... K now here is what I did.
On firing up the program you have to pick (from what I could see)
3 things.

1. Select your Source - That's your ISO file - Click SOURCE / VIDEO
FILE / Find your file ... It's spend a moment reading CLI data.
If all good the Title and Chapters will have filled in.
2. Select PRESETS on the right hand side - I chose the Numbskull one
iPhone and Ipod Touch.
3. Finally your going to choose where to put your little SQUISHED converted file. I dumped mine in MYMUSIC folder but it's up to you. At the end you're STILL going to have to drag and drop it into iTunes. So choose where to put it.
4. Now here'swhat I'm unsure of. When you select Presets IPOD / TOUCH it automatically turns the extension to M4V, However when you go into select the destination it DEFAULTS to MP4. This happened to me with my first conversion and iTunes came back and said it couldn't read the file.... SOOOOO.... make sure you ENSURE that the file extension when you're setting the target directory stays as M4V.
5. Hit START

k, this part takes longer (did for me)... usually about 2 hours. In the end you have a converted file M4V, saved to wherever you put it.

Final stage is to start up iTunes ..... Click on the Videos Directory .... Open up your explorer and find your converted M4V file and DRAG and DROP it in there.

Plug in your Ipod and Sync it up :cool:

**Note ... When selecting IPOD / TOUCH as the Preset for my Widescreen Armageddon, I lost the side bits.. like watching a widescreen movie on a normal TV. On my last convertion (Blade), I actually set the PRESET to APPLE / UNIVERSAL which seemed to be a higher quality 720 x XXX. It converted fine, took twice as long, but I seem to have none of the widescreen bars. So I'll gofor the normal setting for 4:3 movies and the Universal for the Widescreen, as I couldn't see much difference in the quality lol ! But as I said ... I'm a noob to all this.

Good Luck guys ... hope my experience helps and adds to these great forums. Ty all ... whose posts got me this far :eek:k:eek:k


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Apr 14, 2010
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