Penn Staters Unite


Aug 7, 2008
Montgomery, NY
I know there are quite a few of us on this forum....and there are also Penn State Fans.

As an alum, I am having a hard time dealing with everything that is going on at my beloved Penn State right now. My heart is breaking and I feel that I need some place to share good memories of the school. A place that it is safe to be a Penn State fan right now. Because currently, there are not many of those places left.

This is NOT a thread to discuss what is going on there or if it was wrong or not. We all have personal feelings on that subject. It is a thread for Penn State alum and fans alike to share their feelings or good memories of the school.

I for one, am having a feeling of lost innocence. We are taught something from the day we decide to attend that school. We are taught that we are the best. That we do things with honor. And that comes first. We are to set a good example. I feel that everything I have been taught and held onto so dearly since I first stepped foot on that campus, August 23, 1997 has been called into question. That is very tough for me to swallow. I have always been proud of my alma mater and I still am. My house is decked out in Penn State stuff and it will stay that way, but now I'm finding it hard to go out in public wearing Penn State clothing, which is bad because most of my lounge clothing is Penn State. Especially as a teacher, I'm afraid that showing support of my school during this trying time means people will assume that I support the scandal. Which I don't. But I do support my school....always and forever.

We are....Penn State!


Aug 31, 2010
It's a shame to hear that you can't even wear Penn State's gear without fear of repercussion. In situations as horrifying as this one, people tend to misdirect their anger.

I certainly appreciate the fact that many students and alumni have taken the initiative to use the opportunity to raise awareness about child abuse, rather than defend the individuals involved.

I won't say anything negative, as requested, but didn't go to Penn State so can't add any stories! Just thought I'd reflect on your thoughts. :)
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