Photoshop causing keyboard freezes on my iMac


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
Help, please! I have Googled this topic ad infinitum (well, almost) to no avail.

Various operations on Adobe Photoshop lock up your keyboard!

Apparently this problem has existed for some time, because posts mentioning prior releases as far back as Photoshop CS4 mention the problem. I'm using CS6 and the problem is still there. It is highly annoying, because it ends up necessitating a power-down (via the on-off button(!) on the back of the iMac) to resolve.

I've seen all sorts of solutions recommended to people who have posted this issue on various sites, some as... well, stupid... as "My guess is that you have a bad keyboard or support chip related to the keyboard." I do not have a bad keyboard or support chip. The problem only occurs with Adobe Photoshop, and only after working on a pic for any amount of time longer than five minutes. Yes, I am hesitant to I contact Adobe directly--I know the conversation with them will go on for at least a week before they offer anything other than "Un-install and re-install Adobe Photoshop" or "Reset your keyboard settings" (whatever that may mean).

I'm not even asking for a permanent fix! I would be thoroughly happy if someone could offer a tip that would lead not regaining control of the keyboard without a hard power-cycle.

Incidentally, I have experienced this issue on previous releases of Photoshop, not just CS6.

It's obviously not the cheapest piece of software out there, and this is just one more reason why this issue is disturbing.