Picked up new 4G iPhone today

Last Friday I stopped in the AT&T store to get a bluetooth headset for my 8gb iPhone and took my wife along. Before we got out of there she had a 4gb iPhone. She only got the 4gb because she isn't a big music hound, but she is already worried that she won't have enough space for her audiobooks. Seems she intends to do away with her CD player and put everything on her iPhone.

I figure that when the nex gen comes out I can give her my 8gb and get whatever it is they are selling then! She is a real convert; she always hated cell phones because of the crazy menus to get anything done, but she loves the iPhone! She is actually carrying it and keeping it charged, something I had to hound her to do with her previous phone.

[back OT] Welcome to the forum, it is a great place and has helped me immensely.


Sep 2, 2007
Austin, Tx
up10ad - that's a cool story. I could picture my wife being a similar convert for the same sort of reasons. She was set to get a Cingular 8125 from me when I got the 8525, but she has always shied away due to thinking it would just be too hard to figure out how to get simple, everyday things done on it ...