Playr Cinema: Mobile VR Media Center for iOS


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May 20, 2021

Playr Cinema

VR Media Center

What if the iPhone that fits in your pocket could transform into a portable, immersive, media center that fills your visual senses?
With the free Playr Cinema app, you can finally unlock your mobile VR headset into a full entertainment console with Web, TV, Games, Videos, Photos, and Music.

Playr Cinema is tested on all iPhones and even the iPod Touch. This app requires a wireless game controller and a mobile VR headset. Playr Inc makes both a controller and headset to go with this app. Other branded accessories sometimes work too. This app can even render in a 50¢ Google Cardboard.


• Browse the web like a desktop computer with a virtual keyboard and mouse
• Browse IPTV channels and watch live TV
• Browse and watch video files in any format
• Stream files from your computer in 4K over WiFi
• Play music within the headset
• Browse your photo gallery in Cinema
• Play games with Playr

Learn more at Playr Cinema Website

Check out Playr Cinema on the App Store