Post-Warranty Mercy from AT&T


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Jul 15, 2007
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Ok so I had a 4gig that I purchased on the 3rd and loved it so much I went and swapped it for an 8gig a week later. Since then, I noticed that the ringer/vibrate switch on the side of the phone was damn near impossible to use with just my nail, (much less my finger tip alone), and would have to locate a key or pen point or something to get the job done. I nearly impaled myself with a golf scorecard pencil trying to silence some idiot calling me in the middle of my partner's backswing. Needless to say, I hurried up to the local AT&T, (the only one in Savannah, GA with the iPhone. No Apple store around here either), and just wanted to explain my situation to someone. I figured at least I would get a new one and pay the 10% restocking fee.
The salesman goes to typing stuff in his computer and informs me my 14 day warranty has expired... "Holy sheite muzlim", I think. My goose is cooked. I had read last night on these very forums about how AT&T is just sending people with problems to Apple. Well, the guy tells me he's going to help me and hands over a brand new still shrink-wrapped 8gigger to me! Ooee shoot! I'm so happy I could just pee!:p

Kudos to AT&T in Savannah, GA! We got soul down here!


Feb 25, 2007
Thanks, Helpy Helperton. But the SWITCH was the issue here. It did not operate correctly. Thanks for the help, though.

OK but instead of flipping the silent switch with a pencil, just use the button.

But you have a new iPhone now so it dosn't matter.