Post your Turkey feast pics. Happy Thanks Giving!


Apr 4, 2011
Somewhere between DC and Baltimore.
We usually order from a local restaurant and get Honey Baked Ham. Well here is nothing what we like and son requested a stuffed Turkey. It's just us 3 and so we have a few Holiday favorites planed besides the stuffed Turkey.
Green Beans (I love them) Mushrooms (I love them)
Son requested Stuffed Turkey and Bisquits
Hubby requested Icereme cake (ordered from Baskin Robins) and Mashed Potatoes
I have already baked my Lebkuchen (those stay in tins for 10 days) and may just try a Christstollen this year.
We got Eggnog and Gluehwein and son still needs to come with me for some specialty sodas (he get's those only on special days)
I also picked up the Christmas edition Biltmore wine
Since son requested Turkey and we actually cook this year. It's going to be a family activity .....can't wait for son to stuff his hands in the Turkey.