Problem with sync-ing photos


Jul 27, 2007
I have three albums that I have synced with my iPhone. Let's call 'em A, B and C for simplicity's sake.

Album A has 41 photos, but according to the syncing page in iTunes it only has 25. Album B should have 24, but is listed as having only 3. Album C should have 30, but is listed as having none. So instead of having the 95 photos I've selected to be synced onto my iPhone, there are only 28! :mad:

What's the problem?

I recently backed up then completely wiped my system to start from scratch on my MBPro. Everything's where it was before, though, but this problem has been happening ever since (and ONLY since, I didn't have a problem before).

What I've tried so far:
-Rebuilding the iPhoto cache
-Rebuilding the iPhoto library
-Wiping my iPhone then re-syncing everything

Any help/suggestions? I would very much appreciate it!