Problems - Maybe? - Rebates Maybe?


Jan 10, 2007
Northeast US
Save the iPhone? It's sick? You know, this whole phenomenon is amazing, and proof that no one needs much to gereate an entire saga. In 3 months the world has gasped at iPhone, fallen in love with iPhone, cooled to iPhone, become skeptical of iPhone, become critical of iPhone, and now stating that it's in need of being saved from certain doom. I supppose it's partially Apple's fault for announcing it when they did, the way they did.

imo, the analysis that AT&T subsidies (read: rebates) indicates the iPhone is in trouble is total hogwash. It just means they're adding purchasing incentive and there's enough profit margin to do so. I love the "and that's not all" line, as though rebates are some sort of smoking gun. Ah well. Apple has no choice but to sit and watch the spin spin on. Nor do we. :)

Thanks for the link, though, and welcome aboard, j.



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Feb 17, 2007
I think that this article is just he said she said. If you are going to read it, read the replies. I think that most of the bloggers are actually smarter than the writer. and know how to reacte to the information given.