Problems with Gmail and the iPhone


New Member
Jul 7, 2007
I set up the POP forwarding on my Gmail account and when i go to set it up on my iPhone it sends all my new and old mail. so it constantly tells me that i have 50 new Emails when in reality i don't have any. so i tried to select the option to send only new mail, but still the same thing. Is there anyway i can fix this problem so that i only get new mail and none of my old?

R1 Kid

Jun 30, 2007
Not sure what its doing although I did read where someone unchecked an option and it stopped what your talking about. I just now set all 4 of my email accts to forward to my Yahoo acct so it will "Push" to my iPhone instead of having to periodically check all the accts.

I also tested my gmail acct this way. Only that 1 email I sent came through, not all the other ones. Instead of "saving" to my inbox. I opted to "archive". You might try this also and maybe it will fix your problem. You can always click on "All Mail" and it will still be there (in Gmail)