Question about backup


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Jul 26, 2007
I recently had a Hard Drive failure, so I had to replace and boot up with a different OS X drive. Now, as you probably know, I cannot sync with iTunes, as it can only allow one. So, here's my question...

I'm leaving on a long flight tomorrow, and I'm trying to add some new movies to the phone so I don't go insane on the flight. I'm using HandBrake to rip/convert. However, it seems that I will be unable to sync just the movies, and if I choose to overwrite everything, of course, my music library will be gone.

Is there a program that works with the iPhone to remove/backup pictures, contact info, music, and movies without going through iTunes? I've tried a lot of the old applications I used to use with my iPod, none work. I've tried a new program I just found today called 'iPod Access v4.1' which claims support for iPhone. Unfortunately, it stalls when loading, giving me a 'OutOfBounds in Build New List' error and I just get a 'Please Be Patient' window (for about 45 min). And the last information I found was for a explorer-type software, but I don't have an Intel-based Mac.

Has anyone found anthing that actually works...or is there a way to keep my music and just update the movies (i.e. Delete old ones and add new)? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

*I apologize if you've heard this type of question 100 times already...I did as much research as I could before work*


iPhone v. 1.01
Quicksilver Mac Dual 1ghz
OS 10.4