Question for any AT&T employees out there...


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Jun 16, 2007
Ok, this may be confusing/impossible to answer...but i wanted to put it out there. I use my cell as my home/charity org./businesss phone. i have been using the same number for all 3, but people get confused when they reach my voice mail. they don't know if they have called the right #. is there a way for me to get a new # AND keep my old number? while also ringing on the same phone? to make it more there some type of upgraded voice mail or does the standard voice mail allow you to make separate vm boxes? sorry im beginning to confuse myself. lets see if i can clarify.
1. i want my old number. i want it to receive calls for the charity org and personal calls.
2. i would like a new number that can serve as my businesss phone number. i would like that number to still ring on the same cell phone. i know this can be obtained through call forwarding.
3. here's the hard part. can people calling old # get a more personal voice mail message from "me" while people calling the NEW # get a voice mail geared towards my businesss "hi, you've reached thinkart graphics, blah blah blah" ?


Mar 8, 2007
Columbus, GA
attingular? anyone?
You can have two lines ringing into one SIM card. It's not a problem.

Each line will have a separate number and each number can have a separate voice mail message.

No biggie. Just let them know what you need at the At&t store. Of course it will cost you twice as much unless you can get it on a FamilyTalk plan.