Question for iPhone earphone modders.


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Oct 5, 2008
I was able to take apart my iPhone buds this morning with no problems. I had a pair of Sony's that would not come apart. It had a rubbery covering with metal underneath. Couldn't pry it or pull it apart with needle nose. Basically I did a number on the Sony set.

My question is: Does anyone know how to get vModa Vibes open? I have one of the new design sets and would love to mod them to work with the mic. I would also like to do this without ruining the vModas!

Thanks in advance.

If not, what are some inexpensive in ears that are easy to add on and sound good?


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Dec 8, 2008
Well I'd say we qualify to earphone modders :)

There are a limited number of earbuds that you will be able use for this modification. Not only does the shell have to be able to be opened (and this is rare enough) but also the method of cable strain relief used must also be considered. Some manufacturers use glue, or metal clips, or knots etc. as strain relief. You do not want to do this mod and not recreate the strain relief or your buds won't be working for long. I believe most Sonys are glued shut, and you'll find it difficult to open them without damanging them in the process.

When we began adapting the Etymotic ER6i and Future Sonics FS1 to the iPhone cable we had tried literally dozens of mid and high end buds trying to find options that would work well (and long term) with a cable swap. Even today, we sometimes damage the FS1 driver during dissasembly and the Etymotics have a flex circuit board that is easily damaged.

I suggest a good electronics vice, very fine tip good quality soldering iron, tweezers. Good luck!

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