question on skins


Jun 18, 2007
ok i had the encase rubber case on my iPhone, before that the speck toughskin, neither of those lasted to long for me because they scratched the sides of the iPhone and made it difficult to get it in and out of my pocket. :mad:(during that time i had the crystal screen protector from Apple). but now i am looking for a body skin for the entire iPhone. i know there are a lot out there and i was wondering what you all thought>? right now i am leaning towards the bodyguardz. :laugh2:

thanks for your input


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Jul 16, 2007
Bodyguardz is the skin everyone seems to love. I installed mine last week and could NOT be more disappointed. The corners of the skin are peeling up, a bubble has magically risen under the film on my screen. This weekend I had sunscreen on my face, after placing a call with my phone the residue had began to deteriorate the film. It is no longer transparent in that area. I am extremely disappointed, especially after a long and tedious install. There has to be a better solution.

On the plus side, I do enjoy the physical feel of the skin as it provides a little more grip without sticking to pocket linings. Definitely not enough for me to ever recommend the skin though....


Jul 4, 2007
i just installed a skin from best skins ever on the iPhone...its been on for 3 days so far and i love it. i had it on my blackberry previously and i loved it on there too. so far so good.


Jul 16, 2007
I just installed my Best Skins Ever skin last night (not the screen protector). I have a Crystal film screen protector on my screen (love it!).

The BSE skin went on fairly easy, and for the most part I am happy (wish the corners weren't exposed, even if just a little).

I was using an Incase sleeve, and my intention was to install the BSE so that it would protect the iPhone when inside the Incase. I also have a holster that fits the iPhone while in the Incase sleeve.

Now that I have the BSE on, I might forgo the Incase. I bought the Incase for two reasons: to better grip the iPhone and to protect it in a fall. The BSE improves the grip too, which in itself should help prevent some falls. But if my iPhone does fall--again--the BSE is not going to offer as much protection. OTOH, I like the "naked" look of the iPhone using just the BSE/Crystal film combo--and it's nice being able to use the dock again.

Finally, my Incase sleeve started to stretch a bit. I suspect using it in conjunction with a skin might help it "stick" better, minimizing any apparent stretching. I'll have to test that theory out when I get a chance...

BTW: I wish I had ordered 2 BSEs (it only comes with one skin). It took awhile for me to get used to the application process, and the area around the chrome could be better. It doesn't look that bad or anything, but I got fingerprints or something under that area from all the pulling and whatnot. If I had another BSE I'd probably do it again (but I won't try removing the one I have and reapplying it).



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Jul 18, 2007
I applied the BSE skins last night and I like it. The corners were a little tricky as far as getting them stuck down, but eventually got it done. Not crazy about the orange peel effect on the screen, but it really doesn't affect the view when the phone is on. I like the naked look of the phone, but will put it in the iskin case which I will get today. I had the casemate leather case before, and the phone was easier to hold with the case.