Questions about setting up GMAIL to forward POP3 mail


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Jul 4, 2007
Hoping someone here can help.

I receive 300 spam messages per day. Because of this, when
I set up my normal POP3 account on iPhone I was flooded with
nearly 2,000 pieces of mail. Despite the fact I have set iPhone
settings to show only recent mail and to delete old mail, I still
get a huge amount of spam that can't be easily deleted.

So, it was suggested I use GMAIL to forward my POP3 account
through, removing spam, and getting only what I need on the iPhone.

Since I already had a GMAIL account it seemed easy enough.

I set up my GMAIL account on my iPhone. The mail actually
did forward to the iPhone without a trace of spam. BRAVO!

But here are the problems....

1. On the GMAIL webside, my INBOX has downloaded thousands
of pieces of email from the past few weeks. I need to find a way to
limit this.

2. My POP3 mail server does NOT allow a copy of mail to be kept
on the server after download. This is a huge problem. So, once it is
downloaded to GMAIL->iPhone I can't access those same messages
from my Mac desktop or laptop.

I need be able to send a copy of everything that comes from my
POP3 account -> GMAIL (and iPhone) -> back to POP3 account so
I can access it on other computers.

If anyone is using Gmail and has mastered these problems, please
let me know how you did it.

Would also appreciate any tips on filter setups or any other settings
I need to note on the GMAIL website or the iPhone itself.

Thank You in advance!