Questions and Observations


Aug 5, 2010
Over had my 4S for over a day now, and Ive noticed some things about it.

My Internet Speed
On my iPhone 4 I got about 1.30Mbps down. Isn't the 4 capable of 7.2 and the 4S 14.4? On my 4S, I got about 2.30Mbps. My question is...whydid I never get that on my 4? My 4 is well capable of doing that.

Device Speed
Really noticed a big difference in web browsing on my iPhone 4S on wifi and 3G. The area I picked up my 4S had true 4G. I didn't have on it, but it was blazing! My connection at home is still 3G, it's still good. Downloading apps seem quicker, and the iTunes store and app store load quicker.

Radios and Speaker​
There is no antennagate, however my moms 4 (my old phone) gets more bars then me sitting side by side. Nothing to complain about, though. It's very weird seeing 4 black stops on my phone, instead of 3. 4 has top top, and 2 on bottom; 4S has top and bottom both sides. The speaker is noticeably louder and slightly lounder then my iPad. Anyone else notice this?

Battery life
My battery is quite fine on what I believe is iOS 5.0.1 build 2. 5 hours and 40 minutes, 19 hours and 45 minutes with 30% left. I hope it does get a little bit better.

The Rest​
The camera is a big difference from the 3GS to 4S. Whoa. It's like going from a 1990 camera to a 2012 camera. Brighter. Haven't compared the 4 to 4S. And it takes amazing pictures even with the plastic film from packaging still on. (using it as a protector)

And a final I I tells he my iPhone was built? I see every one saying my iPhone was built in the 45th week in 2011 or whatever.



Sep 7, 2010
Light FYI, true 4G is LTE. The 4S is unaffected by true 4G.

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