RedEye Mini Ir Universal Remote


Aug 2, 2007
As some of you know, I search for electronic device deals on Found some great deals on Jawbone headsets, as well as a few other items.
One of their "partner sites" is called Ben's Outlet. This site is strictly electronic devices and nothing else. I found on there the RedEye Mini IR controller for $10. You download the app (get the one with 4.5 stars and not the one with 2 starts that is listed for the mini) and setup your devices.
What is nice about this is that you can setup "Activities" that activate all necessary hardware in one shot.
For instance, if you wanted to watch a DVD, then you create an activity called DVD, and you set it up to turn on the TV, DVD player, and sound system - as well as anything else you need for your home theater experience. So instead of fumbling with a couple remotes, you plug in the redeye and launch your DVD activity. Besides putting the DVD in the player, you never have to leave the couch.
This will also work for On-Demand movies and such. It's a really nice little setup for 10 bucks.
Now, I've only had this for about 30 minutes, and I already have the TV programmed in. (I've been watching the videos on what it can do and HOW.)
For those that are wondering about range, I can tell you that sitting on my couch, I am 7-10 feet from my TV and it turns everything on fine- BUT the strength of the signal is directly relates to your volume level. You need to make sure that the volume limiter if off and the volume for Headset is all the way up.
So far, it's been a pretty nifty device. I do have some slight reservations about "ease of use" though. The navigation through the app is a little convoluted, with many sub-menus to go through, and nothing that indicates you are in the right one for what you are looking for. The other thing is that i expected to see an emulation of a remote. I saw it in the demonstration video, but haven't been able to figure out how to show that on my iPhone yet. Just a matter of time I guess. Still got some learning to do.
But when all is said and down, and everything is programmed in correctly, this is going to be a nice little accessory to play will.
I hope to have a short video as soon as I have everything to my liking. No laughing at my ancient TV. It's around 20-25 years old and still works great, and since I can neither afford a flat screen, nor find one that doesn't drive me nuts watching it (I hate pixelation, and digital studder during a pan shot) It's all I got at the moment.