Restore/Backup Failure: HELP


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Jul 31, 2007
Before updating to 1.0.2, I plugged in my iPhone to my computer and synced it with iTunes, so that it backed up my photos and text messages and notes in the phone "stored" in iTunes.

Then I downloaded the update, and installed it, restoring my iPhone in the process. The menu appeared asking if I would like to start a new iPhone or revert it to my stored one, and I selected revert to old iPhone.

Halfway through, iTunes said my iPhone had timed out and the revert had failed. As soon as this happened, my empty, factory settings restored iPhone began to sync automatically with iTunes - overwriting my backed up iPhone and erasing my text messages, notes, and photos.

Does anyone know if there is a way to get back to my old iPhone as was once backed up on iTunes?

Thank you!


I had that happen once about a week after the very first update. The error was saying it timed out and the backup failed. Finally I gave up and left it was it was but I still had my contacts and my calendar so that was ok. All I had to do was sync my photos and music back on, all I lost were notes and phone call history and my texts.

I still had a backup on a Windows PC before I started using my Mac to sync my phone so I did a restore on that, then went back to my Mac and did a sync. Then everything began working again on the Mac. I didn't lose my contacts or calendar. All I had to do was sync up my photos and music again.

I'm not sure why it timed out though, all I can think of was there was a bug after doing the update and since the last time it made a backup was before that update, it saw something that didn't match up between the versions, so it timed out.