Ringer volume controls Alarm Clock volume!


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Jul 5, 2007
So here's the scenario - I wanted to watch a video on the iPhone in a quiet area (work). I opened up iPod, and used the volume button on the left of the phone to turn down the volume BEFORE I hit play. I now know, that all I did was shut the ringer volume off - so I missed some calls later in the day, no big deal.

Then I woke up at 8am. I looked at my iPhone and I had missed my 7am morning alarm! LATE FOR WORK :mad:

So, there it is. Don't turn the ringer volume all the way down when you are playing a video in the office because you want to make it look like you're making a call, as you'll be late to work the next day. :eek:

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Jul 6, 2007
Las Vegas, NV
LoL. That sucks but its super funny! Sorry to hear. I hope you didn't get in trouble! I always double check and tripple check my alarms as I have done the same thing with other phones in the past. I feel your pain