RIP MCA | Adam Yauch


Oct 31, 2007
Nooooo! Aw man, I hadn't heard yet. This is terrible news.

Very big part of my musical life. Very very sad. :(


Jan 4, 2010
Dallas, TX
I've been down in the dumps ever since I found out, even in tears at times. I was hoping to see the B-Boys tour again too. RIP sir.


Jul 8, 2010
New Port Richey, FL
This is copied from another forum I post on. I've edited it to comply with eic's no swearing policy:


I'm floored. Wiping the tears from my face as I type this.

As a kid growing up in NY, the Beastie Boys were the illest. The first two cassettes I ever bought with my own money were Licensed To Ill, and Run DMC's Raising Hell. I wore the crap out of those tapes.

Then Paul's Boutique came out, and I spent my summer that year trying to figure out where all of those samples came from. My friends hated that record, as they kinda expected Licensed To Ill II, and it was anything but. It was layers of ill stuff. Changed my life.

Then I started high school and they dropped Check Your Head, which is still my favorite B-Boys record. They truly came into their own on this one. No Rick Rubin string pulling, no Dust Brothers making the was all them and all incredible. From the instrumentals to the lone punk rock number, Check Your Head still stands as a testament to their creativity and unwillingness to fit the mold.

I dove headfirst into everything Beastie Boys. Traveled back home to NYC to shop at Mike D's store X-Large when it opened...I still have a fresh winter jacket from that trip. Got a pair of Adidas Superstars (shell-toes) before they started making them en-masse again...largely I think because of the Beasties. Got the first issue of Grand Royal magazine.

Over the years I grew, and so did they. They continued to push their sound forward on albums like Hello Nasty, and stayed true to their punk rock roots with the Aglio Y Olio e.p. They even made us laugh with outlandish stories about Mike D making a country album while suffering from amnesia (Country Mike's Greatest Hits). Along with Spike Jonze, they made some of the most memorable music videos ever.

If I had to pick a favorite B-Boy, it was Ad-Rock, but MCA was no less amazing. Guy could rip the bass to shreds. Went from being the most hedonistic member to a softspoken Buddhist who fought to free Tibet. He stood for what he believed in. He was a true original.

And now he's gone. I'm glad he doesn't have to suffer anymore. I wish his family and friends the best during this tough time.

His music will truly live forever in the hearts of every kid that hears one of his records and decides to pick up a mic or a bass or whatever as a result.

We will truly miss you Adam. I hope you live on as the Bodhisattva you vowed to become.



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Jul 11, 2008
Sad news indeed. Dang!, Just when he can start to relax and enjoy life with his family. Taken too young. I grew up listening to the Beastie Boys so their music has always been a part of my life. I can still remember when Fight For Your Right hit the radio waves in my 4th grade year. RIP. :cry: