Safari using iPad

Fantomas318 ツ

Jul 3, 2014
Shalom iCafe’ers!
I´ve got a question regarding iPad and its web Browser. (Safari)

When I run I use the Strava app.
With this you can create "segments."
A segment can be for exaple to chose a hill and compete for best time up.

The thing is, first you´ve got to run the hill or distance you want to compete in and the go to Strava homepage and select the part of run that should be a competition.
(Start and finish point.)

When you do this using web pages on computer you can click the “green and red marker” to drag them to the right part of run/distance.
However when you use iPad I can’t drag those dots, instead I have to push the ”Move start / end point”
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When I try drag the dot the whole web page moves.
Is there any way to “lock” the Safari web pages, so you will be able to grab and move the red / green markers.
I’ll add picture so you can see:

To just move the dots by clicking takes a lot longer time then just drag the dots, since by one click the dot moves like 5 meters.
So if you’ve run 21K then it takes a lot of time to “click” the dots into right positions.
Thanks a lot for helping me solve this!!