SALE: Bodyguardz & Zagg

Josh Yates

Jul 14, 2007
Orion, MI
Just wanted to let everyone know...Bodyguardz is doing a Black Friday 50% off sale on the entire site! If you wanted to go tempered glass or just wanted a good skin/screen's the time. I pulled the trigger on the Pure tempered glass for the iPad Air. I have it on my iPhone 5S and LOVE it. Normally $ $40. Free shipping too.

Zagg, on the other hand, is offering HOURLY specials on their site. Their first one is 55% off of their lightning & 30-pin sync/charge cables. Free shipping on Zagg as well. I'm assuming they'll eventually make it to their keyboards and InvisibleShields. You can signup for an hourly email to let you know what is currently on sale, if you desire.

Hope that helps someone! Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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